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Adjustable pillow

Our individually adaptable pillow or pin cushion rests your head on cuddly sustainable buckwheat hulls. These can be easily removed via the practical zipper so that you can find exactly the height that feels most comfortable for you and promotes an ergonomic posture.

Say goodbye to migraines or headaches and relax your neck muscles effectively! You can also treat an overworked mind or a never-ending carousel of thoughts to a break.

Diverse application possibilities

Of course, the acupressure cushion can also be used individually without the relaxation mat. You can just lay it down on your bed, or you can cuddle it against your lower back while you sit on the sofa (watching your favorite show). Of course, the same applies to the office chair at work or the chair at the dining room table.

Surely you can think of more places where such a beneficial acupressure treatment would do you good!

Das Akupressur Kopfkissen lässt sich durch Entnahme der Buchweizenfüllung anpassen