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big things

often start small

CALM ELEPHANT, that's us, Corinna and Joel. We are a small family business from the village. All around nothing but nature, beautiful lakes and fresh air. And two people for whom physical health is important, but also functionality and comfort. Therefore, the idea grew to combine these wishes and to create products with these properties and optimize them as best as possible. We always give 100%, inspired by nature and one vision: We want our products to be well thought out and to bring ergonomics into your life to make your desire for freedom from pain and a relaxed and healthy lifestyle as pleasant as possible.

Das sind wir

Dr. Pascal Seite

Orthopädischer Chirurg

Melanie Seite


Natürlichkeit und Nachhaltigkeit der von uns verwendeten Materialien

Our claim

naturalness and sustainability

High quality also has something to do with sustainability, because that way you can enjoy our products for a long time. We obtain the fillings of our acupressure mat set from natural resources (pure coconut fibers and sustainable buckwheat husks). In addition, our fabrics are treated without chemicals and tested for harmful substances. When processing the spikes/acupressure needles, a special heat-welding technique was used to connect them firmly to the fabric without using glue. To protect your products from contamination, we use outer packaging made from 100% corn starch, i.e. completely plastic-free! Our goods are shipped to all EU countries in a CO2-neutral manner!


from the first seam

We rely on the highest quality, because nobody likes to decide on a product (after possibly long research) and be disappointed in the end. Since the visual impression for the eye also has an effect on your well-being, we have deliberately created our products as eye-catchers, because health products do not necessarily have to look medical, but can also be helpful AND beautiful.

Verarbeitung in höchster Qualität
Der Elefant als Sinnbild unserer Firmenphilosophie



We have chosen the elephant to symbolize our company philosophy, because elephants are impressive and complex creatures. They are big and can take a beating, but they also have a gentle soul and need a stress-free environment to be happy. They are able to experience similarly complex emotions as we humans do. Family is important to them and they fight like lions to protect it.

We humans often have to be strong, go beyond our limits and accept many a blow of fate. Stress, pain and dissatisfaction are given room to spread. But our inner child longs for relaxation, peace and contentment. The elephant can be both and so can you.