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Acupressure has some positive effects on a variety of processes throughout the body and has a powerful impact on your pain perception, well-being and feelings of tension. But also on your hormonal balance, the ability to concentrate and the quality of your sleep.

Find out more about each individual aspect of how the healing effects of our functional acupressure mat set can help you to improve your quality of life:

Seit Jahrhunderten kommt die bewährte und heilende Wirkung der Akupunktur bzw. Akupressur (TCM - Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin) zum Einsatz. Bei der Akupressur werden spezielle Punkte am Körper stimuliert und die Selbstheilungskräfte Deines Körpers aktiviert.  Du wirst dank der Freisetzung von Endorphinen und Oxytocine (die sog. Glückshormone) wieder mehr Wohlbefinden und inneren Frieden spüren. Akupressur hat somit unzählige positive Auswirkungen auf eine Vielzahl von Vorgängen im gesamten Körper und starken Einfluss auf dein Schmerzempfinden, Wohlbefinden und Spannungsgefühle. Aber auch auf dein hormonelles Gleichgewicht, die Konzentrationsfähigkeit und deine Schlafqualität.

Erfahre mehr zu jedem einzelnen Aspekt, wie auch dir die heilsame Wirkung unserer funktionellen Akupressurprodukte zu einer verbesserten Lebensqualität verhelfen kann:

Pain, tension & blockages

Postures that we adopt in our professional life or when doing housework put a strain on our body. Tensions, malpositions and the resulting pain and blockages develop (e.g. the SI joint syndrome, hollow back, cervical spine syndrome, thoracic spine syndrome, etc.). These states of stress require assistance in reducing them. Our acupressure mat set gently presses on the necessary points during use, which "forces" the muscle to let go and let the tension go. The muscle pull is reduced and with it the pain. Freedom of movement is supported and your overall well-being is increased.

löse Verspannungen und lindere deine Schmerzen mit der CALM ELEPHANT Akupressurmatte

stress level

The effects of negative stress (also known as distress) on the body and the associated mental strain are devastating. You feel powerless, tired, overworked and tense. Tensions, especially in the neck area ("carrying the load on my shoulders") are typical symptoms of this vicious circle. It is not uncommon for a long period of stress to develop into a burn-out syndrome (or negative feelings and fear). Acupressure offers your body the opportunity to reduce stress and a wonderful feeling of letting go spreads. You can breathe easier and recharge your batteries.

unser CALM ELEPHANT Akupressurmatten Set hilft gegen Stressbelastungssymptome

Headache migraine

Booming headaches and throbbing migraines are a major burden. They rob us of our quality of life and limit us. One cause of these ailments is strong tension in the neck and head area. This is where our acupressure pillow comes into play. The spikes gently press and relax various pressure points on the head and neck. The pressure on and in the head decreases and you feel clearer and more comfortable again.

das CALM ELEPHANT Akupressur Set hilft bei Kopfschmerzen und Migräne

sleep disorders

You can't fall asleep or sleep through the night You wake up exhausted the next morning, not a trace of energy Using our mat set, especially in the evening before going to bed, allows the body to distance itself from everyday life or other stresses. Your entire system will be shut down and relieved. No carousel of thoughts, no unwanted brooding. Kind of like a computer reset. Falling asleep will be much easier for you and you won't wake up as often unintentionally. The next morning your system can start up again and you will feel how your energy reserves have been replenished. The day can come!n!


Loss of concentration & restlessness

Who does not know it, you want to do a job/task or urgently need to learn something for school or your studies. But your head cannot think clearly or is completely empty. A relaxed body promotes relaxed thoughts. Therefore, a session on our acupressure mat increases your ability to concentrate and perform. The relief of your system after a pressure point massage with our CALM ELEPHANT acupressure set will give you new energy and help you to focus.

Hilfe bei Konzentrationslosigkeit und Unruhezuständen

Sore muscles & muscle cramps

Sore muscles or muscle cramps are caused by overload and a lack of oxygen and nutrient exchange in the tissue. These are provoked by poor posture, overuse or sporting activities. To promote regeneration, acupressure stimulates the exchange of oxygen and nutrients through pressure point massage on the affected areas. Your muscles can recover and repair faster and you'll be back in action in no time. Our acupressure mat set is a wonderful addition to your training, yoga practice or club sports.

lindere Muskelkater und Muskelkrämpfe mit einer Session auf der CALM ELEPHANT Akupressurmatte

hormonal imbalances

In connection with stress, the hormones cortisol and adrenaline are released. An oversupply of these hormones puts a lot of strain on our body. It promotes muscle weakness, depression and diabetes. But exhaustion, anxiety and dizziness are also among the symptoms. A soothing treatment with our acupressure mat promotes the release of endorphins, the so-called "happy hormone". It promotes satisfaction and well-being and helps your hormone balance to be more balanced.

lindere Hormonstörungen mit der regelmäßigen Anwendung der CALM ELEPHANT Akupressurmatte

Indigestion & menstrual cramps

Menstrual problems, but also constipation, irritable bowel syndrome or flatulence. All unsightly and often annoying symptoms of the internal organs in the abdomen that slow us down and cause pain. The rest and relaxation that acupressure has on your overstrained organs gives them the opportunity to go back to their actual function without disturbances and thus with little or no side effects for you.

Our foot reflex zone mat is a perfect addition. Since our organs are connected to areas under our feet, stimulating the soles of our feet also has positive effects on the functioning of your organs such as the liver, kidneys, intestines and uterus.

Verdauungsbeschwerden & Menstruationsbeschwerden lindern mit Akupressur

Good to know

It is important that you give these experiences the time to unfold their effect. The more regularly you use our functional CALM ELEPHANT acupressure mat set, the more you can rely on a reliable effect on your physical and mental health.

During an application with our acupressure mat, we also recommend a quiet atmosphere without disturbances, dim lighting and our soothing CALM ELEPHANT ORIGINAL relaxation playlist, which with its gentle sounds contributes to an all-round carefree package!