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Fakir mat for the back

The back mat stimulates your entire back and puts it in a relaxed state similar to that of a professional back massage. You are certainly one of those people who experience tension and pain in their entire back due to the ever-increasing stress in everyday life. For example, it is not uncommon for the shoulders to be particularly affected because we unintentionally pull them up, which happens automatically in stressful/stressful situations ("The burden on my shoulders!"). Not only with this, but also with any strain on your back (carrying, sports, computer work...), our Fakir mat provides you with immediate help for relaxation and pain relief.

The acupressure mat is softly padded with natural and comfortable coconut fiber, which is naturally breathable. This allows pleasant air circulation during use to prevent excessive sweating on the skin.

Natural relaxation for the back with the Fakir mat

Back pain is an increasingly present issue in our society today. Many of us spend hours sitting in front of the computer, lifting heavy loads or adopting incorrect posture. This inevitably leads to tension and pain in the entire back area. Our CALM ELEPHANT ORIGINAL Fakir mat offers welcome and natural relief. The gentle stimulation it provides can be compared to the relief that a professional back massage brings.

Why tension arises and how to get rid of it

Stress and physical exertion often cause us to hunch our shoulders, an unconscious sign of the burden on our shoulders. This, coupled with the everyday strain on the back, be it from carrying, intense sports or working for hours on the computer, leads to a feeling of stiffness and discomfort. Here our creates re Fakir mat Remedy: Thanks to its special construction, it supports the natural relaxation and pain relief of your back.

Breathable materials for maximum comfort

A special feature of ours Fakir mat is the soft padding made from natural coconut fiber and heat-retaining buckwheat hulls. These materials are not only environmentally friendly but also naturally breathable. During your relaxation time on the mat, this feature prevents unwanted sweating and thus ensures an all-round pleasant feeling.

Full support for your lower back

The effective combination of Fakir mat and our ergonomically designed lumbar cushion offers a holistic solution for your back. The lower back area in particular is often neglected and not adequately supported, especially in people with a hollow back. This combination of mat and pillow closes exactly this gap and allows you to remain in a completely relaxed position and relieve the strain on your entire back.


In a hectic everyday life full of physical and mental stress, it is important to allow yourself moments of relaxation. With our CALM ELEPHANT ORIGINAL Fakir mat and the ergonomic lumbar cushion, you invest in your personal well-being and give your back the relaxation it deserves.

Relieve and stimulate your lower back

In combination with our ergonomically designed lumbar cushion it supports your lower back and relaxes it at the same time, because there is no "hole" between the lumbar area and the back mat (even with a hollow back). This allows you to stretch out your legs to enjoy a complete relaxation experience.

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die CALM ELEPHANT ORIGINAL® Akupressurmatte in Kombination mit dem ergonomischen Lendenkissen