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One mat, many options

The multifunctional foot reflex zone mat is in a practical small format and ideal for on the go. Their use is almost endless and not only makes cold feet disappear:

As is well known, the soles of our feet are connected to all organs of our body and their functions, which is why our foot reflexology mat can actively support your organs in their task.

Yoga auf der CALM ELEPHANT ORIGINAL® Fußreflexzonenmatte

That's how it's done

To do this, stand on it with your bare feet (or with thin socks) and let the pressure points do their work. For example, under your metatarsus/arch of the foot are the pressure points for the kidneys, liver and intestines (organs whose function is often disrupted). In order to achieve these points, our foot reflexology mat can be perfectly combined with the lumbar cushion. To do this, you simply place the cushion under the foot reflex zone mat and thus stimulate your entire foot, including the arch of the foot or the metatarsus!

Treatment of the foot reflex zones also has a positive effect on blockages in the spine!


Akupressur im gesamten Fußgewölbe

For lengthening and selective stimulation

Would you like to extend your acupressure mat a bit because you are tall or would you like to stimulate your thighs or lower legs (calfs) directly? Then simply place our multifunctional foot reflex zone mat next to the large back mat or place it at the height of the part of your legs that also need relaxation. . 

Very relaxing if you have a predominantly standing/sedentary activity or your legs have had to put in a lot of effort (e.g. sports such as football, running, hiking...).

die CALM ELEPHANT ORIGINAL® Multifunktionsmatte im Einsatz als Mattenverlängerung

Practical small format for on the go and for sports

In the office, our foot reflex zone mat offers variety by placing it under the desk (your feet have something to do actively) or you place the mat on your office chair and thus stimulate blood circulation, which is often disturbed by long-term sitting on your buttocks.

The foot reflex zone mat is also used in yoga practice, e.g. as a meditation mat for Shavasana or meditation and helps you to focus on your innermost being.

Die Multifunktionsmatte zur Akupressur der Waden