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Ergonomically designed

lumbar pillow

Who does not know it?! The lower back has to endure a lot:sitting, standing, walking or bending a lot. In the evening you will feel your"back"and the effort. You lie down, but somehow you're missing something in the lumbar area, your lower back can't relax completely because you can't lay it down completely.

With our ergonomically designed lumbar pillow, you can finally give your lower back the support it needs to fully relax while stimulating pressure points in the lumbar area! Your muscles can let go and the tension that has built up over the day is released after a short time. Thus, it offers effective help with pain caused, for example, by a hollow back, the ISG syndrome or other heavy loads on your lower back.

To do this, the lumbar pillow is simply placed under the massage mat, exactly where you put your lower back or lumbar area. Adjust the height of the lumbar pillow exactly to your needs by removing some of the natural buckwheat hulls via the practical zipper so that you can lie comfortably and relaxed.

Unlike you know it, you can now lay your legs outstretched and do not have to bend them and stand them up. Without our lumbar pillow, your lower back would float in the"air"and the affected muscles and thus your lower back would not be completely relieved.

Combine the benefits

Lumbar cushion + foot reflexology mat

Combine the lumbar pillow with our multifunctional foot reflexology mat by placing the pillow under the doormat. Thus, the entire foot, including your arch, is stimulated and you experience a stimulating foot reflex zone massage.

Find out more in the post: "Multifunctional foot reflex zone mat".

Mit dem Lendenkissen unter der Fußreflexzonenmatte wird das gesamte Fußgewölbe stimuliert