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Our legs and knees are often exposed to a lot of strain; we often spend several hours on our feet and feel the effects very much in the evening. My knees hurt, my legs are tired and heavy. Even a predominantly sedentary activity can have the same effect on our limbs.

2in1 Akupressur Kissen und LagerungskissenOur innovative 2-in-1 knee pillow has a relaxing effect right where it is needed. Simply place it under the back of your knees and let the acupressure spikes work on the acupuncture points under your knees. In traditional Chinese medicine, as with the use of acupuncture needles, certain pressure points are stimulated and a pleasant, warm feeling of absolute relaxation is created.

You will quickly feel how the blood circulation is stimulated and how pleasant warmth and relaxation of your muscles develop. This means you can also have a positive influence on circulatory problems in the legs. Stiffness, such as that caused by arthritis, is reduced by stimulating the acupuncture points under the knees. The associated pain in the joints is also reduced and your mobility is promoted. Your lower back also experiences relaxation and relief, which can reduce discomfort and pain.

Our unique 2-in-1 acupressure knee pillow was developed together with orthopedists and physiotherapists for more ergonomics, comfort and a safe feeling.

You can take the pillow with you on your sofa or comfortably take it with you to your bed. Our knee cushion also brings you an extra portion of ergonomics and relaxation in your yoga practice, for example during Shavasana. It nestles under your legs and knees and allows them to be completely relaxed.

CALM ELEPHANT Akupressur Fußablage

Our versatile knee cushion can do even more: place it under the office table/dining table and use it as a comfortable footrest with a relaxed foot reflexology massage. The acupressure spikes stimulate the entire sole of your foot (including the arch). This means you can reach all 70,000 pain receptors on the soles of your feet at once and benefit from all the health benefits at the same time. Of course, the acupressure spikes can also be removed here, just as you want and need.

Verwandlung vom Akupressur Kniekissen zur Lagerungsrolle

The highlight: You can use our 2-in-1 acupressure knee pillow in no time at all without the acupressure spikes and convert it into a positioning pillow. To do this, you simply remove it using the practical Velcro fastener and your legs and knees can be placed relaxed on the positioning roller without acupressure treatment, just as you know from physiotherapy, for example.

Kniekissen extrahoch

Unlike other acupressure pillows and knee rolls, our knee pillow is extra high at 14 cm and therefore offers even more ergonomics and comfort. Our knee pillow can be individually adjusted in height and degree of hardness to suit your needs. To do this, simply remove some of the natural buckwheat husk filling using the practical zipper.

Ergänzung zu unserem Premium XL Akupressurmatten Set

Extra tip: Especially in combination with our popular CALM ELEPHANT acupressure mat in an XL set (including ergonomically designed lumbar cushion and multifunctional mat), you give your body an intensive full-body massage that leaves nothing to be desired. Your body can lie ergonomically and relaxed from head to toe and enjoy the healing effects of acupressure! 


Acupressure knee pillow: 43.0 x 17.0 x 14.0 cm
Positioning cushion without spikes: 43.0 x 15.0 x 13 cm
Spike mat: 42.0 x 40.0 cm